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COOL-Coverings project

Housing daily use accounts for the 40% of total CO2 emissions in EU-27. Thus, EC has issued a directive that claims for:

  • 20% reduction of energy consumption,
  • 20% use of Renewable Energy Sources and
  • 20% reduction of CO2 emissions at year 2020.
We have only 10 years to achieve the 2020 Energy Directive. Furthermore it is expected an overall growth till 160 GWh/year by 2020 only in cooling needs.

Since Cooling/Heating is a major energy consumer in buildings, insulation and thermal reflection are key aspects of COOL-Coverings project.
The NIR reflective COOL-Coverings Project aims to develop an easy to use and cost-effective range of coatings that can be rapidly offered in the market of retrofitting and new constructions:

  • on the external walls
  • on façades ceramics
  • on the roofs, for which an already existing new generation membrane will incorporate a nanotechnological-based NIR reflecting coating
  • on the internal walls and tiles, since the NIR-Reflecting nanocrystalline oxides can be developed in such a reflection range that may also cover the radiation from indoor heating systems.

Key innovation of the COOL-Coverings project is that these enabling technologies do not define a unique specific insulation system but instead open a range of high performance insulation solutions (roof, walls and ceramics) by combining the different functionalities according to the application requirements.

The Consortium
The high demanding objectives of COOL-Coverings will be tackled by a Consortium well balanced with respect to industrial and research needs. The following picture represents a view of COOL-Coverings partners and their role in the project.
Coordinator: Miguel Bengochea (Keraben).
Scientific Coordinator and Demonstration Park Legal Trustee: Antonio De Ferrari (D’Appolonia S.p.A.)
Overview of roles and complementarity of COOL-Coverings partners

Overview of roles and complementarity of COOL-Coverings partners